Lawyers and Notaries in Berlin

We represent our clients with determination, competence and passion.

As a law firm, we handle German, European and international mandates at home and abroad.

As lawyers and notaries, we correspond across borders in four languages: German, Italian, English and French.


Judge us on our values

The law firm Fiedler Zmija & Partner was founded in Berlin in 1977 by Jann Fiedler, Lothar Zmija and Frauke Reeckmann-Fiedler. Over the years, further partners have joined the firm. Our clients trust in our continuity and our reliability.

Professionalism, loyalty and impartiality:
Consultation on this basis creates trust – the foundation for our freelance work.

Core areas of our legal activities

We focus our legal work on what we do best: civil law, i.e. the regulation of legal relationships between natural persons and/or legal entities. We advise and represent you both before and during disputes.


He who has a good idea of his legal situation is also in a position to make the right decisions.


We resolve conflicts: comprehensively, effectively and sustainably

Representation in the event of a dispute

If a legal dispute is unavoidable, we will represent you professionally, faithfully and with the utmost commitment.

Notaries ensure that a will is cast in a legally accurate and workable form in order to create clarity, legal effectiveness and security for the parties and the community.

As notaries we stand neutrally between the parties


Balanced in conception, assured and speedy in execution.

Wills, inheritance contracts & precautionary powers of attorney

To assert the will even if the person is no longer able to express this will.

Certified copies

For register entries of companies, for real estate purchases or as a basis for contracts.

Our juridical know-how

Every legal issue is preceded by competent and comprehensive advice. Our know-how covers diverse areas of law. Have a look at our core competencies, our lawyers and notaries.

Property Law
Family Law for Marriages, Families and Partnerships
Inheritance Law: Succession, Inheritance and Bequests
Private and Corporate Tenancy Law
Construction Law: Work and Services Contract Law
Business Law: Commercial and Corporate Law
Contract Law
International Legal Relations and International Private law
Anti-discrimination Law
Labour Law
Traffic Law, Penalty Proceedings and Criminal Traffic Law
Equine Law