Christoph Weber


Christoph Weber studied law in Freiburg and Sydney. He has been active as a lawyer and mediator in Berlin since 2008.

Christoph specialises in the areas of inheritance law and family law, as well as international civil law. He offers mediation – also long distance – which allows for fair solutions of conflicts that save both time and money.

Christoph Weber also lectures on mediation, with a particular focus on “The Law of Mediation” and “Law in Mediation”.

  • Mediation, especially:
    • Conflicts in separation and divorce
    • Inheritance disputes
    • Company succession rules
    • Disputes between shareholders
    • Conflicts in homeowners associations

Christoph’s specialist areas include:

  • Inheritance law, especially:
    • Drawing up of testaments and will contracts
    • Advice and representation for inheritance claims, legal inheritance portions and legacies
    • Drawing up of powers of attorney and living wills
    • Regulation of corporate succession
    • International remunerations
  • Family law, especially:
    • Maintenance (spouses, children and upkeep of parents)
    • Gains
    • Maintenance settlements
    • Child support
    • Drawing up of agreements
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