Christina Sieger


Christina Sieger studied law sciences in Bielefeld and Berlin. From 1997 Christina worked at a business law firm in Berlin in a research capacity, working as a lawyer there from 2002 until 2008 – from 2003 as partner – with her specialist fields being family law and property rental law. She is a certified specialist in family law since 2010.

Christina has ridden horses since she was a child, and in the interests of combining hobby and career she now also specialises in equine law. Christina has also been active as a lecturer and has taught civil law at the Berlin Technical College of Economy and Management (FOM). Christina gathered international experience during an internship at the Asamblea Legislativa (parliament) in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Christina Sieger has been with Fiedler, Zmija & Partners since 2008. 

In 2019 Christina Sieger was ranked one of the TOP Lawyers in the field of family law of the FOCUS Magazine survey. 

Christina Sieger’s specialist areas include:

  • Family and inheritance law
  • Equine law
  • General and civil law

Christina Sieger also speaks English.

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