Dott. Francesca Rosati


Dott. Francesca Rosati is a native of Rome and studied legal sciences at the University La Sapienza in Rome, finishing her studies with a work on the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods. After studying law sciences further in Hamburg and taking both judicial state exams in Germany, Mrs. Rosati then joined an international law firm in Berlin.

Dott. Francesca Rosati has been working at Fiedler, Zmija & Partners since 2004, she is partner since 2015 and is certified specalist lawyer in international econoomic law since 2017. Since 2023, she has also been Deputy Chair of the Specialist Lawyers’ Committee for International Business Law (IWR). For a number of years she lectured on Italian law at Humboldt University in Berlin.

Her areas of expertise include:

  • Civil law with a focus on real estate, corporate and inheritance law
  • International business law with focus on Italy
  • International civil law
  • Advice and representation of middle-sized companies in all legal questions

Dott. Francesca Rosati is fluent in German and Italian, as well as having a good grasp of both English and Spanish. Mrs Dott. Rosati offers bilingual notarisations in German/Italian and German/English.