Costs of legal advice and representation

We are convinced that conducting a legal dispute must be financially worthwhile for our client. For this reason, we also inform you in the first meeting about the costs that are likely to be incurred.

A legal dispute must be financially advantageous for our clients

Lawyerly activities carry costs. When the dispute lands in court, there are not only court costs to consider but those of the lawyer as well.

We are of the opinion that carrying through a legal dispute must be financially advantageous for our clients. For this reason we clarify in our initial conversation which costs may feasibly come up.

Costs according to remuneration laws

Costs arrived at by means of a fee agreement

The calculation according to the Regulations Covering the Costs of Lawyers can be replaced by a fee agreement. For consultations beyond the initial consultation for a consumer, the regulations accommodate a fee agreement.

A fee agreement setup is often used in a situation where the client doesn’t yet know exactly what the length of time and scope of activity will be needed, for example in the case of inheritance disputes, disagreements between partners and criminal proceedings.

The fees of the notary are however non-negotiable

What advantages does legal expenses protection provide?

ALegal consultation or representation in the matter of buying or building a family home is also often not covered by legal expenses insurance. Generally speaking however an initial consultation will be covered.

Do you have claim to legal aid?

Legal aid will be provided to you for a court procedure, after judicial assessment, dependent on the chances of success; and if your status as regards income and financial circumstances warrant it. We would be happy to apply for legal aid on your behalf.

If however the application is denied, you will have to cover all fees applying to this application, as well as the statutory fees which have already accrued. If you are granted legal aid and you lose the court procedure either partially or completely, you will additionally have to cover the costs of the contending party.

Legal aid covers only your own costs. If you win the court procedure, the other party is required to pay your court and lawyer costs. This does not however apply to labour court disputes in the first instance. In these processes, both parties must pay their own costs, independent of whether they win or lose.

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